The Berwick Industrial Development Association, Inc. (BIDA) was incorporated as a private, non-profit industrial development corporation in 1958.

In 1962, BIDA purchased its existing Industrial Complex from American Car and Foundry (ACF).  Since that time, the 155 acre parcel evolved from the home of a single manufacturing firm to becoming the location of nearly 20 disparate businesses which substantially contribute to Berwick’s economic vitality.

The BIDA Industrial Complex is where 15,224 Stuart Light Tanks were manufactured immediately prior to, and during World War II.  During its peak production period, employment totaled more than 9,000 persons and came from nearly all of the Greater Berwick Area and other Northeastern Pennsylvania communities.

BIDA is far more than just a Complex Manager.  The Organization is deeply entwined in the community and economic development efforts of the entire Area.  It pursues an active role with both Northeastern and Central Pennsylvania’s economic development providers.

Its historical role was to assist existing and potential new businesses, site selector consultants, and commercial realtors in identifying land and buildings throughout the Region. This Entity also serves as a financial conduit to aid current and potential new employers in identifying and obtaining funding to create new jobs and retain existing ones.

BIDA has created and maintained a close working relationship with other similar individuals and agencies at all levels of government throughout the Area and State. These contacts help create a positive atmosphere with multitude sources when BIDA’s clients are seeking funding or other types of assistance.


About BIDA:

The Berwick Industrial Development Association is an economic development group that helps businesses, site selection consultants, and commercial realtors find available land in Columbia, Luzerne and Montour counties, Pennsylvania. They also help identify sources for financial assistance packages. Contact us today to see how we can help you.